Elite Athletes

Elite Marathon Runners

A limited number of elite athlete entries will be granted which include waived entry fee and might include hotel room, depending on availability. Contact the race directors at marathon@gulfwinds.org if you are interested in applying for elite runner status. To apply for one of these limited entries a runner must have achieved a full marathon time on a certified course (USATF or equivalent organization) within the qualifying guidelines as listed below in the past 2 years prior to registration date.

  • Non-Masters Male: 2 hours, 35.00 minutes or less
  • Masters (40+) Male: 2 hours, 45.00 minutes or less
  • Non-Masters Female: 2 hours, 55.00 minutes or less
  • Masters (40+) Female: 3 hours, 10.00 minutes or less

Although the Tallahassee Marathon welcomes athletes from all nations, we are not able to provide formal invitations to athletes who require such invitations to travel from their home countries.

Cash awards up to $1,000 are offered. See the Information page for details.