Charities - Who do we benefit?

Hang Tough Foundation

The Hang Tough Foundation was established to provide a comprehensive approach to taking care of the entire family that has a child affected by a chronic or life threatening illness or special need in the Big Bend Area.

Their mission is to be a physical, mental, and financial reprieve designed to provide support, hope, and encouragement to our clients during their journey with childhood illness or special need.

Building Hope. Building Commitment. Building Hang Tough Heros.


Gulf Winds Track Club logo

Incorporated in 1977, the Gulf Winds Track Club serves the Tallahassee running community by organizing racing events, training groups, and communicating local racing news through club publications. Our club members include joggers, runners, race walkers, and triathletes of all levels and abilities, whether they participate for competition, fitness, or personal and social enjoyment. Among our most valued members are those who promote fitness through service to the Club, primarily on a volunteer basis.

GWTC runners